Gimme words.

That’s how you say it in my world — talk to me, gimme words. Tell me who you are. I’m a New York City tabloid reporter, a street rat, the kind you pray you’ll never see standing outside your apartment building. Bad news pays my bills.

Who: Me? | What : Re·port·er (at large) | Where: New York, & elsewheres | When: All The Time | How: Wit, Adrenaline, Miracle |Why: Davka

My WorkVICE, Wall Street Journal, New York TimesNew York Daily News, The New York PostNew York New York &  just about every other major publication with New York in its masthead. Others, also.


Education: UC Berkeley May 2008 & Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, May 2009| Languages: español, ruski

Influences: The Russians (Gogol, Tolstoy, Bulgakov, Babel, Grossman, Dovlatov, Nabokov — and Kapuscinski, who is technically Polish), The Wunderkind (Zadie Smith, Shani Boianjiu, Gary Shteyngart, Junot Diaz, Shalom Auslander, Aravind Adiga, Etgar Keret), The Shutter Bugs (Capa, Weegee, Arbus), The Indians (Vikram Chandra, Suketu Mehta, Amitav Ghosh), The Brooklyn Boys (Capote, Lethem, Auster), and Roald Dahl.

Obsessions: Vintage Amitabh Bachchan movies, Los Angeles Israelis, Brooklyn Hasids, cheap little dresses, big fat earrings, parasites, organ dealers, libraries, the Evil Eye, fox fur, raccoon fur, rabbit fur — any kind of fur really — 770 Eastern Pkwy & night shift taxi drivers| Active Ingredients: Peanut butter & Marshmallow Fluff, cheap caviar, Russian Standard, pickled watermelon, Diet Redbull, Hi-Tar Noblesse | R&R : Bollywood, MIA, Produx, Sesame Street, Brooklyn Criminal Court, Brooklyn Public Library, Columbia University Library, New York Public Library, wandering, rootless cosmopolitanism, social parasitism, photography, samizdat & international travel.

Further Publications: See Portfolio.